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About Coding Pot

Hello Readers, welcome to the Coding Pot a Programming Blog Maintained by Gautam Nagraj, a 24 year old Web Developer and Blogger From Surat, India. well... this Blog Was created on Feb 2016.This blog contains programming tutorials, codes, how-to's, tips, source code downloads and source code is always free to download. a place where users, visitors can find some useful tutorials about web programming and my aim is to provide some useful resources to the Coding Pot readers and visitors.

Behind This Blog

Gautam Nagraj
Founder & Author
Hi, there' this is Gautam Nagraj who owns this Programming Blog, from Surat, Gujarat, India. I'm Currently working as web and software developer, My areas of expertise are .NET, SQL, jQuery, AngularJS, Web Developing and .Net Frameworks.

I write blogs in my free time, Most of my time is spent with technologies related to Web and Software Programming such as .NET, SQL, jQuery and AngularJS. I love to learn and share the knowledge with others. I just love Programming that's why i have started this blog so that I can interact with some people and also help other people to learn .NET and related technologies specially newbie and youg learners.

If you need more information or any other queries feel free to contact me, or comment below.


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